Sit still. Don’t do anything. And in doing so, find everything.

Welcome to Castle on the Coast, a 3-day experience that will transform your mind, body, and soul.  Come as you are, with no makeup, stripped down…even shoes are optional.  Reflect on your life.  What are you missing? What is your purpose? Through an inspirational focus on being mindful, present, and authentic, you will break through the fears that haunt you – fear of failure, and in doing so, learn to love yourself, and …

Day One

Relax, prepare to create a life filled with purpose and joy.

Day Two

Take a deep breath and delve below the surface distractions

Day Three

Reemerge with the clarity to live your dream

About Your Speaker

Michelle Castle

Connecting with Michelle Castle is like rolling into your favorite waterfront town. From the moment you meet her, you catch a warm breeze on your neck, and take that first inhalation of life-giving salty air. Color and magnetism pull you in. Your body begins to decomplress because you know she’s got you covered in every dimension – communicative and nurturing like a dolphin yet equipped with two rows of focused and driven shark’s teeth.

Her team’s numbers speak for themselves. Success is not an option. But it’s the clarity, reflection, and transparency she elicits in your that Michelle uses as the most reliable metric of her own hydroelectricity. Like a bird circling overhead, she looks at things holistically with an eleveated perspective, and always returns home to the nest. As the sun sets on your time together, you’re left uplifted, fulfilled, and present…with just the right amount of sand between our toes.